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When I entered the lululemon outlet store, it was very busy with at least 50 customers browsing racks and bins in a frenzy. I love visiting lululemon outlet stores because the deals are awesome! Please note that Orlando has a 6.

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In Seattle, Washington, our tax is I was very stoked to save even more on my purchase! I am a size 6 for sizing reference. The size 6 and 8 pickings were slim and began to seem repetitive after browsing the store for about 15 minutes. The selection was representative of the past seasons.

I was hoping to find Align pants but could only find them in crop length and in at least 5 different colors with a decent availability of sizes. Many of the cute bras in my size size 8 were also gone. Overall the selection was good and probably slim from the number of customers shopping there throughout the weekend.

Lululemon athletica outlet store - Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets

The Orlando outlets are some of the best places for shopping for both the 60 million visitors visiting annually and its residents. It makes since for snowbirds visiting Orlando from other states and countries who would want to buy some discounted Lululemon outerwear to bring back home. Below are some photos of my visit to the lululemon outlet in Orlando, Florida. I decided that the deal was not significant enough for me to make a purchase. I decided to try on some leggings, crops, tanks, and bras.

My decision to try these pieces were probably due to how hot it was outside.

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I definitely came out on top with my haul, especially since I was able to combine the sale with my Sweat Collective discount. My favorite find was the Laced With Intent sports bra.

Goodwill Outlet / Parking Lot Lululemon Craziness HAUL!!

April Don't get caught up in the savings and numbers. Make sure to remember you're looking for a deal compared to prices at home, and keep in mind the exchange rate as this can really impact whether a purchase truly is a bargain or not. Do you need it?

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Don't forget - you're on vacation! Have fun, and maybe spend the day at the beach while most shoppers are in the stores.

Can you bring back your purchases? Deals are great, but you need to make sure that whatever you purchase will fit in your luggage to head back home! You may need to re-consider purchasing certain items, especially if they are bulky, heavy or easily breakable, as things could quickly get complicated when it's time to pack up and head home! Check out these 11 great souvenirs that won't end up forgotten because who needs more souvenirs that collect dust and take up storage space! Enjoy the cheap outlet shopping experience! Most importantly, make sure that you have a pleasant experience! If you're able to do so, perhaps consider treating yourself to a nicer than usual item or a special piece of chocolate!

The 10 tips for saving money while shopping in outlet malls will hopefully help you afford that treat without impacting your budget. Also, don't forget; you're on vacation after all and fun must be had! Save this money saving guide to your Pinterest board to come back later! Kate Welling link.

Orlando Premium Outlets - Vineland Ave deals and coupons in one place!

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